11 Ways GPT-4o is a Game Changer

OpenAI’s latest flagship model, GPT-4o, has received mixed reviews from users. Many people are impressed by its speed and multimodal capabilities, but others are disappointed by its lack of improvements in intelligence and reasoning. It’s hard to ignore GPT-4o’s multimodal capabilities, regardless of whether you’re on team “blown away” or team “meh”.

Following OpenAI’s release of voice and vision functionality, GPT-4o can assist you in a variety of ways.

Learning Partner/ Tutor

The GPT-40 could be the perfect learning partner or tutor with its abilities. Languages can be learned or math problems can be solved using it. If you want help learning a language or asking a math question, you can point to objects. It won’t just hand out the answers to you or do your homework for you.

A tutor can create a series of questions to help you understand the concept and then get to the problem-solving part yourself. As a result of its advanced capabilities, it is capable of handling situations “empathetically”. While tutoring you, it can demonstrate incredible patience and empathy, nudging you in the right direction without becoming frustrated. It can sometimes be difficult to get that in real life for many people.

You could use GPT-4o on smart glasses (based on Google’s Project Astra) to always have your learning partner with you.

Get Help With Interview Prep

Imagine having a super-smart interview coach by your side. That’s what ChatGPT with GPT-4 can be!

Before, it was great for practicing your answers and even helping you with tough technical questions. But it felt a bit robotic because it couldn’t really “see” you or respond in a truly natural way.

Now, things are different. With GPT-4, ChatGPT is much more like a real person. It can even help you choose the right outfit for your interview because it can actually “see” you and give you style advice. It’s like having a personal stylist and interview prep expert all in one!

This is pretty cool! It means ChatGPT can do more than just help you with words. Since it can see things, it can actually tell you if your body language is giving off the right vibes during an interview. It’s like having a real coach who can watch you and tell you what to work on!

Meeting Assistant

Imagine having a super-smart assistant that can join your meetings and calls, just like a real person. This is what ChatGPT can do with the power of GPT-4o!

It can listen in, take notes, and even summarize everything that was said in real time. Not only that, but it can also understand the different viewpoints and opinions expressed, and even give you its own take on the discussion. It’s like having a really smart coworker who can help you stay on top of everything!

You can ask ChatGPT questions about the meeting or call, like “What was John’s opinion on that new project?” or “What were the key takeaways from the discussion?”. It can even help you with data analysis, research, and finding information.

ChatGPT is more than just a note-taker. It’s a true assistant that can help you work smarter and be more productive in your meetings and calls.

Personal Language Translator

GPT-4o can be an excellent language translator. A conversation can be translated in real-time without having to reprompt it multiple times. As a result, you can have a normal conversation in different languages, and ChatGPT will translate it into the second language as the speaker finishes speaking.

What makes it different from Google Translate or any other translation tool? In addition to keeping the conversation natural, GPT-4o is able to understand the intonation behind the words, so less is lost in translation.

Accessiblity Assistant for the Blind

Through its vision capabilities, ChatGPT-4o can inspect your surroundings for you and describe them to you.

In its current state, GPT-4o seems rather aspirational, but imagine what the implications would be if it were embedded in smart glasses, like Meta Rayban glasses, where it could serve as a person’s eyes. It’s amazing that people can point their phone’s camera at something and it provides all the information they need.

ChatGPT could even assist deaf people in the future if it were capable of interpreting sign language.

Monitoring Capabilities

It is possible to monitor kids, pets, the elderly, the sick, or even just things like the front door with ChatGPT-4o. Assume you have to step away for a moment and you want someone to monitor your kid or pet and alert you immediately if they engage in dangerous activities (which you can define).

It will take some time before AI is able to deliver reliable results every time, but it is definitely a promising use case for the future.

Coding Assistant

You can work with a coding assistant by your side while using ChatGPT since it can access your screen with screen sharing. It’s useful for other apps as well, but when it comes to GPT-4o’s enhanced coding capabilities, it’s best to get help with coding.

Data Analysis

GPT-4o has amazing speed improvements over GPT-4 Turbo, and it brings this speed to data analysis as well. It processes spreadsheets, analyzes data, and even creates graphs, charts, and statistical diagrams in less than a minute.

Creating 3D Models

As well as creating STL files for 3D models from single text prompts, GPT-4o can also be used to increase visualization and prototyping speed. ChatGPT can help you out whether you want to speed up your workflow or do not have the technical knowledge otherwise required.

Creating Consistent Characters

The image generation capabilities of DALL-E were introduced to ChatGPT by OpenAI some time ago. It is possible to create multiple images of the same character with GPT-4o while maintaining character consistency. ChatGPT now enables you to create consistent characters and images of them in different actions for your stories.

Transcribing Handwritten Notes

GPT-4o now transcribes handwritten notes more accurately because of its improved image recognition capabilities. You can digitize your school or college notes with it. Handwritten letters from the eighteenth century were even transcribed with amazing accuracy. There will be errors, but the whole process will also be sped up exponentially!

As far as intelligence and reasoning are concerned, GPT-4o is not a substantial upgrade over GPT-4. The fact that it has become more intelligent will be helpful in practical ways, regardless of whether you’re creeped out by its anthropomorphism or its similarity to Scarlett Johannsen’s AI in Her.

When considering practical applications for GPT-4o, it is also important to consider ChatGPT’s 128K context window. Due to its limited context window, ChatGPT can only be used in scenarios such as meeting assistants, language translators. How long would ChatGPT’s context window last during a meeting/conversation is a valid question. GPT-4o also has limited usage caps.

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