5 Best AI Headshot Generators You Should Try in 2024

AI-powered technologies have revolutionized various aspects of our lives in today’s digital age, including photography. Today, individuals can easily create professional-quality headshots with just a few clicks thanks to AI headshot generators. If you’re a freelancer, an entrepreneur, or an aspiring model, you’ll want a memorable headshot.

In this article, we’ll explore the top 5 AI headshot generators for 2024. Artificial intelligence is used to create stunning headshots that elevate your personal brand or professional portfolio. Discover the perfect tool to show off your unique personality and style as we explore AI headshot generation.

What Is Ai Headshot Generators?

Headshot generators are advanced AI image generators that can create portraits from source photographs. An advanced algorithm in these tools allows them to generate models, recreate faces from source images, and create complete images. This AI picture generator is a one-stop solution for all your profile pictures, whether they are for LinkedIn or your CV.

All you need is a source image of your face, and the AI generators will handle the rest. Photorealistic images are created by processing the source image and recreating the look. AI image generators also offer multiple clothing styles, hairstyles, and angles. By analyzing your facial characteristics, these tools can create a flawless picture for your professional profile.

5 Best AI Headshot Generators

1. Aragon AI

The Aragon AI headshot generator has proven itself in the AI market. I was impressed with the quick turnaround results after testing out their process. After submitting a bunch of headshots, you’ll get a bunch of pretty good-looking options within an hour.

Although they aren’t professionally edited like StudioShot, they are pretty good for a quick turnaround.

Aragon AI Headshot Generators
Aragon AI Headshot Generators

Pros: Money back guarantee of 30 days. Turnaround time is quick (60 minutes). Interface that is easy to use.

Cons: The service is not free, you need at least 12 photos to generate a headshot

Price: Starter plans start at 29$ and premium plans start at 69$.

2. Secta AI

Second on our list is Secta AI, which is quite impressive for being a newcomer. Our first experience with it surprised us; it provides a great deal of unique features that give it an edge over its competitors. A description of what you want in a headshot can be added here, such as “I need a headshot with an office background, my face should be smiling, and my clothing should be formal.”

Secta AI
Secta AI

Pros: There are two free retries if you are unhappy. Manage assets from a central dashboard. Gallery for private use.

Cons: Each headshot has the same pose, and it requires 25 regular photos to generate a headshot.

Price: Only one plan is available for 49$.

3. StudioShot.AI

To create some of the finest-looking images in the market, StudioShot perfectly combines AI and professional photographers. Your headshot can be styled in any way you like, whether it’s for a professional LinkedIn profile, a real estate listing, or an executive headshot. Furthermore, you can choose from white to gray as the color palette for your headshot. AI converts your uploaded images into headshots by drastically changing them. To finish off the process, the headshots are sent to an in-house photographer for final tweaks.


Pros: You can choose from custom-designed styles, crafted by our expert photographers, touchup artists, and cutting-edge AI technology.

A breathtaking level of detail and expert lighting are captured in all of the images.

Cons: The outputs aren’t 100% realistic. It is easy to identify them as AI-generated.

Updating the generated images takes two days. Comparing this period with the alternatives, it is quite long.

Price: Starter plans start at 21.75$ and premium plans start at 29.25$.

4. Getalter.ai

We believe that Getalter.ai provides the best and most detailed headshots in the entire industry after testing it out personally. Moreover, you can get your headshots in less than 2 hours after uploading your images, selecting your plan, and reviewing the results. When you see the final output, you cannot tell the difference between a professional headshot or one produced by AI.


Pros: Accurate results in a short period of time.

Comparable to other options in the same range of quality outputs, this is a budget-friendly choice.

Cons: There are no customization options.

Apart from existing plans, professional-centric plans are not available.

Price: Starter plans start at 14.99$ and premium plans start at 34.99$.

5. BetterPic

Choosing Betterpic AI is an excellent choice if you’re looking for professional-grade headshots. I created over 100 images in less than one hour by uploading just 10 quality selfies and selecting their “Pro” package. I am blown away by the quality of the final selections. Compared to a professional photographer, I felt as if I was taking multiple headshots simultaneously for just $35.


Pros: 4K headshot output – Looks like real photos

A wide variety of outfit styles, colors, and backgrounds are available

You can get your headshots in less than 30 minutes

Cons: Taking more than 10 selfies might be necessary due to the AI tool scanning for high-quality photos.

Wrapping Up

These are some of the best AI headshot generators we have found in the vast world of AI tools. Each of these AI tools brings something unique to the table to attract new users, as you can see from these brief reviews.

Your goal is to have the best overall experience, which includes a user-friendly UI, quick turnaround time, and versatility. Aragon AI is the one you should choose. You’ll get a no-nonsense AI headshot generator without having to wade through a lot of options.

Hope you enjoyed this blog and found the AI tool that will help you get your headshots done. Keep yourself updated by reading the blog in the link. Keep learning and exploring until then!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are AI headshot generators?

Artificial intelligence headshot generators are tools that convert selfies and photos into professional-quality headshots.

How do AI headshot generators work?

The AI headshot generator detects facial features and applies enhancements to produce realistic and visually appealing headshots.

What are the benefits of using AI headshot generators?

These software solutions provide cost-effective solutions for obtaining high-quality headshots, quick turnaround time, and customization options.

Can AI headshot generators replace professional photographers?

AI headshot generators may offer convenient alternatives to professional photography for certain applications, but they may not replace professional photographers’ expertise and personal touch completely.

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