What is Canva AI Generator and How to Use it?

Canva is a popular platform used by many individuals without professional design software expertise to create professionally designed graphics. This tool has been a lifesaver for such people.

Canva has also introduced a feature that speeds up the graphics creation process for its users. By enhancing the creation process, the Canva AI Generator makes it easier and faster for users to create their desired graphics.

This blog post will explain everything you need to know about Canva’s latest feature.

What is Canva AI Generator?

Canva AI Generator
Canva AI Generator

One of Canva’s most recent features is the AI image generator that uses artificial intelligence to create images. The text-to-image tool transforms what the user writes into an image in a few seconds, similar to other AI image generators. There are also several premade styles available on Canva that enhance the appearance of the images.

Users can also use Canva’s other features, including frames, shapes, and graphics, to create designs.

How to use Canva AI Generator?

Canva’s latest feature requires users to describe the image they want to create concisely and clearly. Next, add a style and click ‘Generate’. Alternatively, users can enhance the image by adding frames, graphics, and other elements.

A step-by-step guide can be found here:

1. Tap on the “Magic Media” option at the bottom of Canva’s left-hand menu.

Magic Media
Magic Media

2. Provide a description of the image you wish to generate. To get an idea of how your description should look, click the “Try example” button.

3. Tap the “Create your image” button image.

Create your image
Create your image

4. You will receive four suggestions from Canva. For more ideas similar to the one you have selected, use the three dots in the upper right corner.

5. The style option also allows you to select an appearance for your image, such as anime, filmic, photo, watercolor, or dreamy.

Canva AI Generator
Canva AI Generator

How to use ChatGPT with Canva?

You can use ChatGPT, the famous chatbot that started the AI revolution, if you have trouble verbalizing the image you need to create with Canva.

The versatile tool can help you create the right prompt if the bot is prompted correctly. Here’s an example of how you can create a prompt for Canva’s AI image generator.

Prompt for ChatGPT:

  • “Please craft a clear and concise prompt for generating an AI image. The goal is to instruct the AI image generator to create a polished social media post with a professional aesthetic. Incorporate corporate elements seamlessly, and feature a smiling man to evoke positivity and approachability in the image.”


  • “Generate a polished social media post with a professional aesthetic, seamlessly incorporating corporate elements. Feature a smiling man to evoke positivity and approachability. Ensure the overall composition is visually appealing and suitable for corporate branding purposes.”

Canva result:


How to use Canva Plugin with ChatGPT?

You can also create the perfect design with Canva’s ChatGPT plugin. This plugin is only available for ChatGPT premium users, and its main purpose is to suggest templates from Canava’s template library after providing a prompt to ChatGPT.

To use the Canva plugin, follow these steps:

  1. Login to your ChatGPT Plus account.
  2. Activate the Canva plugin.
  3. Describe the design you need.

ChatGPT will suggest relevant templates for you. Then, you’ll be redirected to Canva for customization, sharing, or downloading.


An AI image generator has been implemented by Canva, the flexible and powerful design platform that allows users to create images faster than ever before.

Using the tool, you will be able to create amazing images using a written description, just as with other AI tools used for image generation. Also, users can ask for help from ChatGPT and craft great prompts within seconds.

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