How to Use Gemini AI? An Ultimate Guide

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is discovering its capabilities and innovating in some great ways. Google Gemini Ai is one of the biggest examples.

Gemini (previously known as Google Bard) is Google’s AI chatbot, which makes searching more immersive and smoother for users. In a short time, it became extremely popular due to its amazing features and ease of use.

This guide is for tech-savvy users who want to learn how to use Gemini in their daily lives.

This article will explore everything about Gemini, its unique features, limitations, and benefits. Come explore with us!

What is Gemini AI?

Gemini is an AI-powered chatbot that can be used for multiple purposes. The service includes finding information, answering queries, translating jobs, and much more.
(Google recently renamed Google Bard to Gemini.)

The system uses machine learning and natural language processing to understand human queries and responses more accurately.

Gemini is different than ChatGPT and other AI chatbots in that they have their own language model rather than the GPT series.

Previously called Bard, Gemini was released on March 21, 2023, and is currently powered by Google’s latest AI model, Gemini Pro. The system was trained using a massive dataset and multimodal reasoning capabilities. More than 40 languages are supported, and it is available in more than 230 countries. 

By providing a more personalized and better search experience on Google, Gemini is here to change the way users search for something.

How to Use Gemini AI? 3-Simple Steps

Gemini AI has a user-friendly interface and many functionalities you should know about. How to use Gemini AI in a beginner-friendly way:

Step 1. Sign-up on Gemini Ai

Gemini Ai
Gemini Ai

First, you need to go to and Sign in using your Google account.

A Gemini Home page will appear automatically after you click the link.

Firstly, click “I agree” in the “Terms of Service” pop-up.

Your Gemini account has been successfully signed in.

Step 2. Enter Your Query or Prompt in the Box

You’ll see a Gemini home page with questions and a message box after you sign in successfully.

You can consider sample questions to start the conversation with Gemini if you don’t know how to use Gemini AI and what to ask.Just above the prompt box, you will find some default sample questions. 

At the bottom of the page, you can enter your own question in the message box labeled “Enter a prompt here”.

You can enter a prompt here by typing or using voice commands.

Prompt in the Box
Prompt in the Box

A relevant response will be generated based on Gemini’s analysis of your message.

You can open separate chat boxes for different conversations by clicking “New Chat.” 

Gemini also supports image-based responses. If you upload any image, you can give commands such as analyzing the image and spotting the chair in it or giving any kind of information. On the left side of the chatbox, click the ‘Upload Image’ icon to upload any image.

Gemini supports image-based responses
Gemini supports image-based responses

Step 3. Interact with Gemini’s Response

A response will be generated within seconds after you enter your query. You can now respond in a variety of ways.

  • Edit your query: Gemini sometimes generates irrelevant responses when it doesn’t understand your query. Click on the Pencil icon at the top-right corner to edit your query, and after rewriting it, hit Enter.
Edit your query
Edit your query
  • Like or Dislike: A generated response from Google Gemini is open for feedback; you have the option to like or dislike the response with the given icons at the bottom. You can like or dislike the answer if you find it satisfactory or irrelevant.
Like or Dislike
Like or Dislike
  • Modify response: You can re-generate the response if you are not satisfied with the response. Click on the modify icon below the response. Within one tap, you can shorten, lengthen, simplify, casualize, or make the response more professional.
Modify response
Modify response
  • Fast-check the response: You can also check the source of the Gemini-generated response. The generated response contains a Google icon, which you can click to check the sources.
Fast-check the response
Fast-check the response
  • Check different versions of responses: When you enter your query, you’ll receive three different versions of the Gemini response. Click “View other drafts” to view different versions of responses.
Check different versions of responses
Check different versions of responses
  • Share and Export response to Docs/Gmail/Public link: For easy access, you can export the best response in various formats, including Sheet, Doc, Gmail, and Public link. You can share the response by clicking on the sharing icon below.
Share and Export response
Share and Export response

You’re done!

Combining AI and human creativity can help you get the maximum output using Google Gemini AI and other things that Google Gemini can do for you.

Wrapping Up!

Gemini is one of the most popular AI-powered chatbots that helps billions of users on a daily basis. With new features and better results, its usage will grow over time. 

We hope this guide helps you learn everything about Gemini AI, how to use it, and how to maximize its benefits. Now it’s your turn to sign in to Gemini and get started.

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