How to use Ideogram AI

These days, AI tools are becoming super popular for all sorts of things, like writing articles, making pictures and music, and even coding! It’s not just because there are tons of these tools out there, but also because a lot of them are free and really simple to use.

You’ve probably heard about all the cool AI tools that can make pictures, and Ideogram AI is another one that’s getting a lot of buzz. It’s pretty neat, so let’s take a look at what it does and how to give it a try.

What is Ideogram AI?

Ideogram AI is like a magic picture maker, similar to things like Midjourney or DALL-E 3. You give it some words, and it creates an image based on what you said. But what sets Ideogram apart is that it’s really good at putting text directly into the pictures. So, if you want to make a cool logo, a poster for your band, or a snazzy image for Instagram, Ideogram can help you make it happen easily!

With Ideogram AI, you can describe exactly what you want in your picture, including the words you want to be there, and it’ll create it for you! Just tell it what you want to see, and let the tool work its magic. It’s like having a super creative artist who can bring your ideas to life.

Ideogram AI is super thoughtful about your privacy and gives you lots of control over how your pictures are made. It has features that keep your info safe, and you can decide exactly how you want the pictures to look, so you’re always in charge!

Ideogram AI
Ideogram AI

Here’s a breakdown of some of the coolest features Ideogram AI has to offer:

Choosing Your AI Model:

  • Three Models: Ideogram gives you three AI models to work with: 0.1, 0.2, and the newest one, 1.0. Just click the one you want to start creating.
  • Aspect Ratios: The shape of your image (like a wide landscape or a square) depends on the model you choose. Versions 0.1 and 0.2 offer a few standard ratios, but version 1.0 gives you way more options!

Beyond the Basics:

  • Image Uploads (Ideogram Plus): If you’re a paying member, you can upload your own pictures and use the Remix tool to play around with them.
  • Describe Feature: This feature lets you describe an image you uploaded or made with Ideogram. The AI then analyzes the image and gives you a description, like a super-smart caption writer!
  • Style Tags: Want a picture that looks like a painting, a cartoon, or something super realistic? Style tags help you choose the look you want by giving the AI a little artistic direction.

Fine-tuning Your Images:

  • Rendering Control: This feature lets you tweak how the AI makes your images. For example, you can tell it to spend more time on certain details, giving you a super polished final product.
  • Tile Feature (Paid): Want to make a cool repeating pattern or a seamless background? The tile feature lets you create images that repeat endlessly, like a magical wallpaper!
  • Remix: The Remix feature is like a creative playground for your pictures. You can take a prompt you already used and the image it made, and create something new based on them! It even remembers the style tags you used before, making the process super smooth.

Ideogram AI Subscription Plans

so you want to use Ideogram AI to make awesome pictures, right? Here’s how the different plans work:

Free Plan (The Basics):

  • You get 100 pictures (from 25 prompts) for free.
  • Your pictures are public for everyone to see.
  • You can’t delete your pictures.
  • It takes a while for your Ai images to be ready.

Basic Plan (More Power):

  • Costs $7 per month.
  • Get 400 prompts, which make up to 1600 pictures.
  • Your images are public.
  • You get to download high-quality pictures in PNG format.
  • You get early access to new things Ideogram creates.
  • Your pictures get made faster, but you only get 100 per day in the slower queue.

Plus Plan (Unlock the Best Features):

  • Costs $16 per month.
  • You get 1,000 prompts (that’s 4,000 pictures!).
  • You get unlimited prompts for the slower queue.
  • You can make private pictures that only you can see.
  • You can upload your own pictures to make remixes or get descriptions.
  • You get to use the cool Ideogram Editor.
  • You get high-quality pictures in PNG format.
  • You get early access to new features.

Pro Plan (For the Big Dreamers):

  • Costs $48 per month.
  • You get 3,000 prompts (that’s 12,000 pictures!).
  • You get unlimited prompts for the slower queue.
  • All the same great features as the Plus plan.

So, depending on how much you want to create and what features are most important, you can choose the plan that fits your needs!

Getting Started with Ideogram

Getting started with Ideogram is super easy! Just head over to the Ideogram website and create an account. You don’t even have to remember another password – just sign in with your Google or Apple account, and you’re good to go!

1. Please visit the Ideogram website and select the ‘Continue with Apple’ or ‘Continue with Google’ option, depending on your preference.

Ideogram website
Ideogram website

2. Click ‘Continue’ after accepting the terms and conditions for using the tools.

3. Click on the ‘Complete Registration’ button once you have entered a username.

Ideogram Username
Ideogram Username

Ideogram is now available for use.

Generate images using Ideogram

Ideogram works similarly to other AI tools for generating images.

1. Enter a prompt in the text box at the top and click the ‘Generate’ button. Press ‘Enter’ after entering a prompt such as creating a puppy dog playing in a green image.

The right side of the screen gives you the option to choose the aspect ratio and prompt visibility. With the ‘Magic Prompt’ button, you can add more information to your given prompt. From here, you can also turn it on or off, though leaving it on is better.

Generate images using Ideogram
Generate images using Ideogram

2. Ideogram will generate the images once it has finished. Following that, you will be presented with four variations to choose from.

Ideogram will generate the images
Ideogram will generate the images

3. After generating an image, you can also perform some additional actions. You can view the available actions by clicking one of the generated images.

After generating an image

4. If you have a paid plan, you can make the image private, regenerate it, pin it to your profile, or remix it to create a new prompt. Select ‘Remix’ from the menu.

5. Use the slider on the left to control how much weight you want for the image in the ‘Remix’ pop-up. As the image weight increases, the remixed image will be influenced more. You can choose the type of image you want below the slider.


6. Click the ‘Generate’ button after making the adjustments you want and wait for the new image to appear.

7. There will be four variations of the original image, and how closely they resemble it will depend on its strength. You can now share a link to any of these images, download them, or set them as your profile photo.


It’s done! Now you know how to create images with Ideogram. The prompt box at the top also allows you to generate images with text. It is free to use Ideogram, but you are limited to 100 images or 25 prompts per day. The different paid plans also come with additional benefits if you want to generate more options. You can delete images, download uncompressed images, edit images using the Ideogram image editor, and more.

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