Microsoft increases Copilot’s image generation limit more than 6 times

Key notes

  • Image generation for Microsoft Copilot is boosted by DALL-E 3.
  • DALL-E 3 transforms your vision with text into an image.
  • For Copilot users, you get priority access and 100x daily image generation boosts.

The Copilot for Microsoft 365 software now includes enhanced image generation capabilities, allowing users to quickly transform ideas into visuals.

Here are the exciting details. Copilot users in Microsoft Designer will soon have access to an image generation tool powered by DALL-E 3. Describe your vision in text, and the Copilot will create a customized image for you.

Copilot for Microsoft 365 users will soon have access to expanded image generation capabilities in Microsoft Designer, including priority access during peak times.

​​Microsoft Copilot
​​Microsoft Copilot

It won’t be waiting for Copilot users during busy hours. Priority access will be granted during peak usage periods, and daily image generation requests will increase from 15 to 100!

As a result, you will be able to create images faster, eliminating the need for AI inspiration and generating a high volume of images that perfectly match your project requirements. A simplified workflow has also enabled instant visualization of ideas.

A stunning visual tool such as Microsoft Copilot with DALL-E 3 integration is poised to become a game-changer for designers, marketers, and anyone who wants to bring their ideas to life.

Furthermore, with the GPT-4 Turbo access, Microsoft will remove length and frequency limitations on conversations. Copilot now allows unlimited back-and-forth chats, allowing users to work more naturally and continuously.

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