Synthesia Review – The #1 AI video creation platform

The Synthesia video generator is the world’s most popular AI video generator.

It’s easier than ever to create videos from text today thanks to AI video generators, which remove the need for expensive camera equipment, actors, microphones, or even video editing skills. 

This method is not only affordable, but also scalable, making it a great way to create quality content.

There are over 60 video templates you can choose from, and you can narrate your text in more than 140 languages and accents with more than 160 AI avatars.

This tool is primarily used for training videos, how-to videos, and product marketing videos.

Want to watch a video? In five minutes, you can discover Synthesia:

Here’s a detailed look at the most popular Synthesia AI video tools.

Key features of Synthesia

  • More than 140 voices and accents
  • More than 160 diverse AI avatars
  • 60+ video templates designed by professional designers
  • Customized avatars are available
  • Avatars can be customized with micro gestures (winks, nods…)
  • AI-assisted scriptwriting within the tool
  • Automatic video translation

Overview of Synthesia’s AI avatars

Currently, Synthesia offers more than 160 stock avatars, and more are being added all the time. There is a wide variety of styles, ages, and ethnicities represented in the collection.

It is true that Synthesia’s AI avatars look very realistic. As part of the new features, users can add different gestures to their avatars using micro gestures. The non-verbal cues they use can be used to make their communication more human by winking, nodding, frowning, or raising their eyebrows.

Synthesia AI avatars
Synthesia AI avatars

You can also create your own avatar based on video footage of yourself using AI avatars. It will cost you $1000 a year to add this feature.

Throughout its history, Synthesia has been a pioneer in the field of avatars with a strong research and academic department.

‍Here’s how Synthesia’s AI avatars are created:

Overview of Synthesia’s languages and voices

Synthesia offers more than 400 voices and accents (which are constantly being improved).

Synthesia languages and voices
Synthesia languages and voices

It’s very convenient for non-users to be able to listen to all the voices on the website without having to register. You can also create a clone of your voice and use it in your videos.

Overview of Synthesia’s UX and UI

The user interface of Synthesia is very intuitive, and it can be accessed via a browser. 

Synthesia's UX and UI
Synthesia’s UX and UI

Synthesia provides templates, avatars, voices, stock footage, and the ability to upload your own brand assets. Using folders, you can organize your projects easily.

Synthesia pricing

The Synthesia platform offers three paid plans:

  • Their website offers a free AI video generator
  • Starter plan: $22/month for 120 minutes of video per year.
  • Creator plan: $67/month for 360 minutes of video per year.
  • Enterprise plan: Prices vary based on users’ needs.

Reviews of Synthesia

More than 50,000 companies of all sizes use Synthesia, including Reuters, Teleperformance, Amazon, and the BBC, among others.

Synthesia has an extensive library of case studies that demonstrate how and why companies, large and small, are using it to generate videos and save money and time.

A total of 1150 reviews have been posted about the software on G2 and it has a rating of 4.7 out of 5, making it the number one software in its category.

Pros of Synthesia

Consider these reasons why Synthesia is worth a try:

  • Various AI avatars and voices are available.
  • More than 30 platforms can be integrated with it.
  • 60+ editable templates are available for a variety of uses.
  • You can clone other users’ Synthesia videos from this site.
  • The company is a pioneer in the field of AI video.
  • Pricing plans could be more flexible

Summary of Synthesia

It’s the right time to consider Synthesia if you are looking for state-of-the-art AI video generation software. You can start creating your video right away due to the intuitive interface, as well as the realism of the avatars. 

They are a true leader in the AI video space due to their strong thought leadership, highest security and ethical standards, and R&D culture.

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