5 ways to use Sticker Creator in Microsoft Designer

Microsoft Designer, Microsoft’s free AI graphic design tool, has a delightful new tool called Sticker Creator. Using Sticker Creator, you can create eye-catching graphics that feature a prominent central design against a transparent background. You can easily paste your stickers over other designs and marketing materials, upload your artwork to social media, or even print your stickers for easy sharing.

Designer’s Sticker Creator integrates seamlessly with the other AI editing tools, providing users with a variety of styles, special effects, and precise edits. A variety of stickers can be created with the tool, ranging from whimsical and fun to sleek and professional. You can choose from a variety of prompt templates or create your own.

How can Sticker Creator be used? What can’t you do with it? Here are five ways you can use this clever new tool.

1. Make your social media posts pop

You can add personality and flair to your Instagram stories, Facebook posts, or Tweets by designing your own stickers. Make your content stand out with custom stickers featuring quirky quotes, cute characters, and funky designs.

Sticker Creator
Sticker Creator

Prompt: Funky, colorful illustration of a writer’s desk with cat

2. Personalize your messages

Let’s say goodbye to boring text messages! You can create stickers that express exactly what you feel, think, or want to say with Sticker Creator. You can add them to your WhatsApp, Telegram, or iMessage chats to make them more fun and personalized.

Young Women Sticker
Young Women Sticker

Prompt: The face of a young woman with red hair and an annoyed expression

3. Enhance your event planning

Are you planning a party or event? Make your invitations, decorations, and party favors extra special with custom stickers (and don’t forget the thank-you notes!). Your guests will appreciate your attention to detail if you create stickers that match your event’s theme.

Design Sticker Creator
Design Sticker Creator

Prompt: “D&J” with peach-colored floral and wedding-themed design elements

4. Get organized with style

Custom stickers are a great way to organize your planner, journal, or calendar. Stickers can be designed for reminders, motivational quotes, or activities. Keeping your life organized and colorful can be fun and creative.

Icon Sticker Creator
Icon Sticker Creator

Prompt: A pastel icon of a female runner

5. Craft personalized gifts

Give friends and family personalized stickers as gifts. Custom stickers are a thoughtful and unique way to show you care, whether for birthdays, holidays, or just because.

Craft Sticker Creator
Craft Sticker Creator

Prompt: A cute goblin with hearts, mushrooms, and forest-themed elements

Try Sticker Creator for free today

Sticker Creator allows you to create anything you like. You can use the stickers as a creative outlet or as a tool for branding, education, organization, and personal expression. Your imagination is the limit when it comes to enhancing your digital presence or adding a personal touch to gifts and events.

To get started, visit https://designer.microsoft.com/sticker-creator and sign into your Microsoft 365 account or create one for free.

You can start with a prompt template if you’re stuck, or you can write your own prompt if you have a clear vision. Try different prompts and styles. Make communication, decorating, and celebrating fun!

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