What is Google’s newly launched AI-powered video creation tool for workspace?

A new AI-powered video creation tool for enterprises called Google Vids was unveiled at Google’s Cloud Next conference in Las Vegas. Workspace will offer the tool as part of its suite of productivity tools. With Google Vids, users can combine stock footage, user images, and other visuals into videos.

It will have the same collaborative capabilities as other Workspace tools such as Docs and Sheets.

Google Vids

Google Vids: How it works and other details

Aparna Pappu, VP & General Manager at Google Workspace, introduced the Google Vids tool and described it as “a video creation app for work”. The tool uses AI to generate storyboards that can be customised by choosing different styles and templates.

Google Vids will then create a suitable video based on your prompts by selecting appropriate images, videos, and background music from its preset stock library. You can also add voiceover to the video if you want, or use an AI preset voice if you want to speed things up. The software is likely to help users create short videos for presentations and projects, among other things.

Vids allows you to share videos with others by clicking the play button once you’ve created them. The video can also be commented upon, left notes on, or edited by those with whom you have shared it.

At a later date, Google will have a stable public rollout of this tool based on user feedback from June 2024.

The Google Vids web app will be available alongside Docs, Slides, Sheets, and Slides, and it features an easy-to-use interface. In the future, Gemini for Workspace subscribers will also be able to access it.

The Google Vids service is currently in limited testing. This feature will be rolled out to additional Google Labs testers in June, and will eventually be available to Gemini for Workspace subscribers as well.

FAQ Google Vids

How can I get access?

It is currently being tested in Google Workspace Labs by a select group of trusted testers.

When will this tool be available for everybody?

Workspace Labs will iterate and refine these experiences before making them available to select Gemini for Google Workspace plans. 

When will there be more AI-powered features in Google Vids?

Check out latest blog here to learn more about Google Vids.
You’ll see a steady drumbeat of launches as Google Vids becomes more widely available. Keep up with the latest developments on the Google Workspace blog!

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